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Whenever I get asked “what do you do?” and I reply “I’m a Town Planner”, I get very blank looks. Despite the planning system affecting all our lives at some point, most people don’t know what we do or even that they may benefit from our help! I usually offer “I sort planning permission for people” as a way of explanation. However, obtaining planning permission for clients is just one of the many aspects of the work we do.

Having held senior positions at a central London planning department before leaving to become consultants, we spent many years watching people struggle their way through the planning system and not being able to help them the way we wanted. I’d love to say that the planning system has got simpler in recent years but I’d be lying!

We help clients navigate their way through the complexities of the planning system adding value and knowledge to their projects. So, if you are an architect, property developer, or someone who needs another bedroom for an impending arrival, please get in touch – we may be able to help you even if you didn’t know we existed before reading this!


ADL Planning offers a complete planning service and everything in between. Clients get us involved before they have even bought a site – asking us what may be possible to achieve. Clients also get in touch if they have had a planning application refused and want to know what their options are for a potential planning appeal.

We work closely with a number of amazing architects and ambitious property developers as well as businesses and householders who wish to grow and extend their businesses or homes.

We work throughout England but have a particular specialism within central London. We have worked on many projects in our old stomping ground of Kensington and Chelsea as well as other central London locations in Westminster, Brent, Islington, Wandsworth and Camden.

As planning restrictions become more strict on people extending their homes upwards, clients are looking to extend their homes downwards by building basements. The ability to do this is also getting harder, particularly in Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster with a lot of information needed to support an application. ADL Planning can help with this information. Not only can we advise you through the planning system, we can provide Construction Traffic Management Plans (CTMPs), we can advise on any potential to reduce your Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) as well as putting you in touch with talented architects and knowledgeable structural engineers. As a package, ADL Planning can see your project through from being just a thought to a reality.